Long-Term Residential Care

Long-term care at Fiddler’s Green Manor is person-centered and individualized. We continue to build on the principles of quality, service, and compassion. Our residents benefit from social, recreational, and support services as well as superior medical and nursing services to address their individual needs. Being among peers and forming new friendships can be a great source of emotional support.

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For those individuals who have a physical or cognitive deficit that can no longer remain in the community, Fiddler’s Green Manor provides a warm, home-like environment, gracious amenities, and excellent clinical supports provided by our skilled nursing professionals. We offer a variety of programs and services, including:

Services afforded to our long-term care clients include;

    • 24 Hour Skilled Nursing Care
    • Primary Care and Medical Specialty Consultation
    • Restorative Therapies, including physical, occupational and speech
    • Psychological and Psychiatric Counseling
    • Social Work Services
    • Therapeutic Diets and monitoring
    • Activities and Recreation

While no facility can replace the home environment, FGM strives to approximate it as much as possible. We take our responsibility to provide each of our residents with a meaningful life experience seriously, so you can be confident when you make the decision to move a loved one into Fiddler’s Green Manor.

For more information, call (716) 592-4781 orContact Us